The Road Not Taken

My words for this post will be few, although the explanation for it is necessary. The picture is mine, as are the revelations that came from it, and the circumstances surrounding it. You may find the story boring or fantastic, but apply the concept to yourself, and where you are on your journey.

Tuesday morning, 2 AM. PDX airport, and I'm there to pick up two passengers from the red-eye out of Los Angeles. My eyes were bleary on the infamous airport carpet, but realized that, blurry or in-focus, it's the ugliest carpet I've ever seen. The passengers that I was to meet were my son and his girlfriend, who were finishing up the back leg of a flight from Spain, where they had served as English-as-a-second-language instructors in Barcelona, but had been offered jobs with a circus based in Atlanta. (okay. . .a couple of eyebrows raised. That means that you're paying attention.)

Wait. What? Spain?. . .Circus?. . .What?

Kind of my thoughts as I made my way through the airport, and stumbled across the people-movers in the picture. 2 AM in the Portland airport is a blissfully lonely time, and the walkways have an energy-saving device that turns them off when not in use. A motion detector turns them back on as needed, but I had never seen them off before. I stepped on them and made my way towards the gate, as the sidewalk gently shuttled me towards the arrival gate. This is where my mind wandered, and these are the thoughts that made for some interesting life lessons. Use them as you will, but use them for good, not evil.

1) NOTHING happens if you don't step on in the first place, but decide ahead of time so that you don't mess it up for everybody else.

2) You can walk, or not walk, on the people-movers, but exerting some effort gets you there quicker.

3) If you opt to not walk, move your crap out of the way so that others (who have a higher sense of urgency) can get past you. That's called courtesy.

4) A people-mover entered from the wrong direction will not volunteer to carry you the wrong way. (Did I mention that it was 2 AM?)

5) Someone heading to the same destination without the use of the people mover will become stronger in the process, but save NO time, and are a bit winded upon arrival.

There were some other philosophical thoughts that I had, but life-lessons have more impact in groups of five. Feel free to add any additional comments below if you have some, but I'll give you my translations to those points here:

1) Do SOMETHING, even if it's wrong.

2) Give your life some effort, and you'll be rewarded. Nobody owes you anything.

3) Be responsible and accountable, and you'll be appreciated.

4) If a door is shut and locked, it's a good idea to find another way.

5) There's positives and negatives in all of our choices. Focussing on the positives is much better for our attitudes.

My son and his girlfriend are definitely making some bold choices, and are growing in the process. But, they're the type of people who RUN on the people-movers. Safe journeys!!

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