Where are we going?

I saw something interesting yesterday. A little scenario that played out in front of my eyes that I may have been the only witness to, but extremely educational for me. If I have your interest, then stop where you are. . .for one minute. It's important.

Stopped yet? I'll wait.

A crowded downtown. Traffic. Pedestrians. A Saturday farmers market in small town Oregon. Nice weather in between rainstorms, and being taken advantage of by everyone. I'm heading into an old, Main Street America part of downtown, and the traffic light just ahead of me yellowed as I came in over a bridge off of Highway 20. As I slowed to stop before the crosswalk, this is what I saw. . .

A family of four. Mom. Dad. A girl, maybe 12, and a boy, 10 or so. Approaching the crosswalk in front of me. . .all with their phones in front of their face. Mom stopped about 3 feet from the street, and looked around bewildered. . .not knowing where she was, or where they were supposed to go. Dad noticed her stopping, and looked away from his sports scores to find out what was going to happen next. The boy stepped into the street, right in front of me.

They say that girls mature faster than boys, and women have a better ability to multi-task. This twelve year old sister was the only one cognizant enough to grab her brother's arm, and pull him back to the corner. . .before returning back to her chat thread. The boy didn't even blink before heading back to Fruit Ninja. . .

Any day that I learn something is a good day. Anything noteworthy that I learn, I try to share.

My immediate thought was that I would rather deal with somebody that was drunk, or otherwise incapacitated than someone with phone intoxication. Mom and dad had no idea how close that I could have come to pasting their child across the intersection, had I not been paying attention. I have had people stop and glare at me as they jaywalk, on their phones, in the middle of a block. I have missed green lights as the person in front of me completes their text-behind-the-wheel, then speeds through the yellow.

I promised you a one minute read, so, I'll keep it short. Read posts like this when you have time to kill, not walking down the street. Do the Facebook thing from a coffee shop. Play the games in your bedroom. And listen to my audio stuff, with headphones, when you can enjoy a drink and unwind a little bit. I enjoy the creative aspect, and love entertaining. Please don't make me regret it ;)

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